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SleepOut 2015

October 27th, 2015


Next month my friend Richard Davies will be taking part in an event called SLEEPOUT 2015, spending a night sleeping rough to raise money for the Robes Project, a charity that provides homeless shelters in South London during the winter months. Here is Richard’s entry on his fundraising page that explains about the event and gives links to the Robes Project website:

On 27th November this year I will join with others in sleeping rough on the pavement or grass outside Southwark Cathedral in South London for Sleepout 2015, to raise money for the Robes Project, a homeless shelter.

What sort of people are the homeless? The truth is it could be any of us. Homelessness doesn’t discriminate. In the past I’ve met homeless people who had been business owners, served in our armed forces, refugees from war, young and old. You could say, homelessness is an equal opportunities provider! What united them was none of them had ever thought that they were the sort of person who would one day be homeless. 

When I lived in London I could never get my head around the fact that in a city deemed number one in the world in so many categories and a global financial powerhouse, a human being would have to suffer the indignity of sleeping on the streets. House prices in central London are now not just in the millions but the hundreds of millions. Every time I walked past someone sleeping rough on my way to work I felt a little bit of my humanity chipped away.

The Robes project is just one of many organisations who bring practical help and hope to those who find themselves in this situation. From November to April they provide shelters over night, a meal and conversation and practical support to rough sleepers in South London.

If you’re able to support their work by sponsoring me, I’d be very grateful, these are people like you and me that just need us right now.

Richard 🙂 

PS there’s still time to join me if your completely nuts like me.

If you feel you would like to support Richard, or even get involved yourself, his fundraising page can be found here.