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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Saving the Hambach Forest

January 11th, 2019

The Hambach Forest is an ancient forest near Cologne. The forest is currently under threat from the major development of an open pit coal mine – a counter-intuitive decision given the serious issue of climate control. There has been a robust resistance against the plans, and many protestors have been living in tree houses to protect this priceless ancient woodland from destruction. The protestors are now being faced with eviction and more of the forest will be cleared.

Some of our German members have come up with a plan to aid the protestors and protect the forest with some collective ritual and magical activism. They have a three part plan for January that they share here for all those who feel drawn to help.

Initiative of Druids for the Hambach Forest in January 2019

It seems that the Hambacher Forest will be cleared for the second time soon. We support the activists with a threefold magical event. The signs in the Hambach forest point to an imminent evacuation in January 2019. This could take place before the announced BUND demonstration in Berlin on 19 January, or just this weekend, because the activists cannot be in both places at the same time. As druids we support the activists in the Hambach forest and support them as it is possible for everyone individually. Therefore we do not speak for the order or all druids, but for the Hambi activists with a druidic background.

The action begins immediately and consists of three phases or parts, to which we cordially invite all druids and interested people:
1. renewal of the protective circle in the phase of the waxing moon from 9 -20.1.2019
2. create a tree talisman until 21.1.2019
peace ritual to the blood full moon on 21.1.2019

Phase 1: Renewal of the protective circuit:
In the phase of the waxing moon we place a white candle and renew the protective circle around the Hambach Forest by visualizing a circle of light around the Hambach Forest and asking Nemetona for her help. Our prayer to Nemetona can also be sung or spoken as a mantra (Ah Oh Nemetona Wen). The white candle can be lit daily as a visible sign. Who likes can bless the candle before with ointment oil or simply olive oil.

Phase 2: Creating a Tree Talisman:
Tree magic has a long tradition in druidism and is especially obvious for the protection of the Hambach forest. The rowanberry or mountain ash but also other tree species, such as alder, fir (Christmas tree?), oak and others, were used for the construction of amulets talismans, which were carried in the form of a sun wheel (isosceles cross) or a pentagram, hung over the door or placed under the pillow. Go and see if you can find one of the tree species mentioned near you, or another tree to which you can relate, and ask him to let you take a small branch. If you feel that the tree agrees, cut off a branch from which you can make a sun wheel or pentagram, e.g. with a diameter of 5 to 8 centimeters. Connect the branches with a red thread or string, but a different color is also possible. You can cast a spell on the finished talisman, e.g. the following one or a spell you have invented.
Rowanberry, Rowanberry.
‘I ask for protection and blessing.
Fend off the Hambi of danger,
with all his lives.’
You can place the talisman next to the white candle until the full moon.

Phase 3: Peace ritual on the Blood Full Moon:
In the evening of the full moon to 21.1.2019, light beside the white candle now also a red candle, which symbolizes the blood moon. Both together stand for the male and female energies and for the two dragons from the Arthurian saga. In mythology, the dragon is regarded as the protective animal of the rowan ash or rowanberry. Carry out a peace meditation with the traditional peace prayer of the druids.
‘Deep down, in the depths of my being, may I find peace.
Quietly, in the silence of my grove, may I share peace.
Gently, in the great circle of humanity, may I radiate peace.’
Send your peace desires first to yourself and then to your surroundings and finally to all beings in the world. Visualize a protective circle of light around the Hambach Forest and send your loving kindness to all people and living beings in this circle. Also ask Nemetona for her protection and assistance for this holy grove.

If you yourself are an activist in the Hambach Forest, you can always carry the talisman with you as protection. Otherwise you can give the amulet accompanied with your blessing for the protection of the earth and the Bürgewald to the elements, i.e. either buried, hang in the wind, give it into a running water or burn it. They carry your blessing to the world and the Hambach Forest.

5 Responses to “Saving the Hambach Forest”

  1. This is a great idea. I feel there would be more success if they linked the area with some historical background and had it protected as an historical site. I know it was an area fought over by the US 9th Army in WW2. The discovery of a protected species wouldn’t go amiss too. I just think its aweful that the government can happily agree to this.

  2. Will certainly do and share the three phases as written above. Thank you for sharing this Philip.

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