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Saving Old Growth Trees

August 4th, 2010

Here is an email I have received with a request to spread it around. Please help to stop this assault on these beautiful old trees. If you live in the USA consider joining Jack:

Dear fans of trees,

Photographer Jack Gescheidt here, with exciting news of the next, large TreeSpirit photo event YOU are invited to join, 7-9AM Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 in Humboldt county, CA (a 4-hour drive north of San Francisco).  It’s hard to believe but CalTrans plans to “remove” or cut the roots of over 100 old-growth redwood trees—some 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 years old—to widen one mile of Hwy 101 through Richardson Grove State Park, 7 miles south of Garberville, CA.

I meet so many fellow tree lovers and environmentalists, I sometimes forget that what I call “the old paradigm” is still at large. Namely, cutting down precious, inspirational, natural beauty for short-sighted, temporary, and in this case illusory gain: CalTrans want to spur economic growth by getting more and bigger trucks through, by killing the rare, spectacular trees that attract tourists to Humboldt in the first place.  The flyer below contains more information about this debacle.  These links lead to more:,

Please share this email with everyone you know who appreciates the immeasurable value of these ancient trees and put Sunday, Sept. 12 on your calendar.  Come spend the weekend among these amazing trees and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience early Sunday morning (7-9am).  Join me and 100-200 (or more) fellow tree and nature lovers to make art and gain public attention in order to protect these redwoods for future generations.

Email me,, to join the (confidential) email guest list for updates and info.  Because of this event’s goals of this, you’re invited to attend even if you’re uncertain about participating.  The TreeSpirit documentary film crew will, as usual, respectfully record the proceedings as will local media invited to attend too.   As with all TreeSpirit photo events, this gathering will be peaceful and heartfelt.

For the trees; for all our sakes,

Jack Gescheidt