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Save the Crewkerne Lucombe Oak

April 29th, 2009

Video of the saturday 18th April protest about the proposal to fell the third largest (possibly higher ranking) Lucombe Oak at Henhayes Crewkerne. The species was cultivated in 1762 by William Lucombe. The Crewkerne Lucombe Oak is probably about 200 years old based on its trunk diameter. And has the potential to live another 50-100 years and become the largest in Britain and the World – if sympathetically managed. Crewkerne Town Council have decided twice to fell it, because of a fear of litigation by their insurers – if it falls and cusing damage – due to the not accurately known quantity of root decay. The tree is undoubtedly in good health. There is no die-back or large deadwood and no history of past failure. The area around the tree is well used but the risk the tree represents could be managed. It has been reported that there are plans on display of a proposed new sports facility building at the location where the tree now stands. The councils insurers appear to be bullying the councilors into taking drastic action and threatening to sue any individual who stands in the way. The council seems unwilling to take alternative management proposals for the tree, seriously. From both experts and local people. The Sports building could be built elsewhere on the site. We can keep the tree and have the development. There is still time to make a difference. Birds are nesting in the tree and no independent bat habitat assessment has been carried out. Help is required ASAP to save this tree – contact Ben Hartshorn of South Somerset Green Party at

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  1. Thanks for posting this. We’re still fighting! We’ve got the Chair of the Ancient Tree Forum giving us a second opinion, for which we’re raising funds by selling a lovely postcard of the tree. If you’d like one (or 5!), please email me –


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