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Stephen R. Covey

Save Some Trees Today!

November 23rd, 2015

450px-2012-10-17_P1010234_Lombardy_Poplar_along_Clubine_Road_in_Lamoille_ValleyA row of beautiful Lombardy poplars in Lewes, East Sussex, are due to be cut down for a housing development. Experts say there is no need for the trees to come down – the houses and the trees can live quite happily side by side. Please add your signature to THIS PETITION – we might be able to save these trees!

4 Responses to “Save Some Trees Today!”

  1. Trees increase the value of both residential and commercial property.
    …If you have no interest in the health of the environment.

  2. Well, they do look a bit ‘ragged’ and unkempt (as does the fence behind them), so no doubt the planners/developers felt this image would clash with the ‘clean and sharp’ one of the average urban ‘executive’ housing estate. It’s interesting that in the vast majority of residential (and even some commercial) development proposals, the ‘artist’s impression’ of the site invariably includes trees, so it would be interesting to know if this was the case with this project. If so, this might be a useful ploy to present a case for their retention (with of course the ‘improvements’ indicated above!)In the meantime…How’s about a supplication to the tree spirits as a spiritual addition to the practical petition?

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