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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Roots Gathering 2017

January 27th, 2017

Roots Gathering is a fabulous new event taking place on 19th – 21st May at Hole Park near Rolvenden, Kent. It’s founders, Philip and Lynne Cowley Jones describes it as a ‘micro festival…about coming back into right relationship with the land we live on and exploring the bones of our culture through arts and traditional crafts.’ There will be some fantastic workshops and talks on offer; Philip & Lynne promises ‘traditional crafts and arts like wood carving and clay sculpture, earth mandalas and bull roarer making.
We will also have talks on European mythology and folk traditions, drumming, meditation and camp fire performances and much much more!’

The plan is for the festival to become an annual thing, so do please show your support. For further details and to book tickets visit the website. I include here a lovely video about the gathering to whet your appetite!

2 Responses to “Roots Gathering 2017”

  1. You can be sure Phil and Lynne will put on a fun and down-to -earth event…as anyone who has been to a Shamtastic drum circle or event will know.

  2. I can’t find the site info – suggest Wikipedia. Bull roarers, & incessant drumming (i know; i know)
    create both alpha tones & hypnotic hearing perceptions, in the participants.

    See e.g.: Dr. Michael A. Persinger
    Laurentian Univ.
    Dept. Psychology
    Ramsey Lake Rd
    Sudbury, Ontario
    P3E 2C6

    “The Duke is developing a weapon using _Sound_” Emperor Shad-dam, IV _DUNE_

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