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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


Robin Williamson in Lewes

September 24th, 2008

Come along to a rare and precious day of storytelling, beautiful music
and guidance into the essence of celtic wisdom. Days like these come
along once in a lifetime , weaving the web of our own indigenous soul
with this beautiful legend from ancient Ireland.
A magical and wild story that goes deeply into the layers of the celtic
mind. The story is as relevant today as it ever was, at first it seems to
talk of events a long, long time ago. But as we explore the deeper
layers and meanings of the story, we soon see how this story is our own
story, it is about the everyday struggles of life, as well as the potential
we have in each and every moment.
Full of magic, myth, musical modes and related ideas, the story is the
closest the celts came to a creation story. And in the same way the story
relates to how we create our own story in everyday life. The day is
more like a workshop, as we sit together and unpick the strands of this
exquisite web, through meditations, music and dialogue. Come along
and enjoy a magical day on the edge of Samhain and the winters call.
October 25th.  Zu studios. Lewes.
East Sussex.  Tel: 07771646575
founder in the 60’s of the
influential Incredible String
Band and the Merry Band of
the 70’s, has been a key fig-
ure at the forefront of the
storytelling revival in Europe
and America since the 80’s.
He has authored a number
of books including The
Craneskin Bag ) and Celtic
Bards, Celtic Druids Robin is
Honorary Chief Bard of The
Order of Bards, Ovates and

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