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after André Gide

Robin Hood Tax is Coming – Common Sense at Last!

January 24th, 2013

Some really good news and some bad news that is shameful for the British government:

The good news: Robin Hood Tax is being implemented!

This week, the European Union agreed that 11 European countries – including the biggest economies Germany and France – can set up a financial transaction tax to make the banks pay for the financial crisis they created. 23 of the 27 EU states voted for this tax – a huge 87% majority.

The bad news: The UK was the only big economy to abstain – leaving Prime Minister David Cameron more isolated than ever.
To remind you of what this is all about have a look at Bill Nighy explaining it in this memorable clip. Can someone keep playing it to Mr Cameron and his mates please?

4 Responses to “Robin Hood Tax is Coming – Common Sense at Last!”

  1. Do you know if there are any pressure groups formed to apply pressure to Cameron to change his mind?

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