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Stephen R. Covey

Rizzle Kicks – Hot Tips 2

October 21st, 2010

A few months ago I posted a Youtube clip of a band I just knew was going to make it. I posted it as ‘Hot Tip’. Surprise surprise when I see in The Guardian that great minds think alike! Maybe I should give up the Druid thing and go into the music biz?

Here’s the start of the Guardian piece and the clip in case you missed it:

The background: Some bands you can’t believe it when they make it big; others you don’t get it when they don’t, even if they’re not your cup of tea. Rizzle Kicks – two 18-year-old MCs from Brighton who rap over indie, rock and pop, reggae and soul and mariachi (yes, mariachi) samples – have already released an EP, Shun the Non-Believer, although it was off their own backs and hardly widely distributed, even in virtual terms, and there’s a mixtape called Minor Breaches of Discipline, which again you’re unlikely to find in your local disc emporium – you’ll have to wade through YouTube for individual tracks. The point is, if you like the idea of two 18-year-old Brightonians rapping wittily and cheekily over samples of Lily Allen, the White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys, you’ll love what Rizzle Kicks do, and if you concern yourself with the commercial potential of such things, you’ll be scratching your head, wondering how come this pair haven’t been snapped up yet and had a bunch of top 10 hits. Read More

4 Responses to “Rizzle Kicks – Hot Tips 2”

  1. “Maybe give up the Druid thing and go into the music biz?”

    I’d presume that part of being a Druid is spotting a good bard, and that covers music, blend the two, create a Druid owned record label 😛

  2. Hey Philip, this is really cool and thoroughly danceable! I always suspected you had a ‘hip’ bone or two in you! **wink, wink**

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