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Rites of Passage for the 21st Century

April 26th, 2012

At key points in our journey through life, we go through Rites of Passage, and for many of us, the ways of marking these within the established or institutional religions, no longer seem fitting.
No wonder there is an upsurge of people turning to lay celebrants, outside the established priesthoods, to craft inspiring and meaningful ceremonies for marriages, namings, funerals.
I was listening to Druidcast OBOD’s monthly podcast today and heard Damh interviewing Cat Treadwell, who acts as a Druid celebrant and whose book A Druid’s Tale has just been published by Moon Books. Cat talked about the way many people come to her for celebrancy work, and this reminded me of a new development in the Order’s work. With the launch of the new website at Imbolc, we have begun listing members who act as celebrants – and if you have a look at the page dedicated to this, you will see a range of different approaches to this task, with listings from the UK, USA, Australasia and Europe.

If you are a member of OBOD, and offer such services, and would like to be listed, send your details to

One Response to “Rites of Passage for the 21st Century”

  1. Thanks Phillip, for the heads up on this fascinating (looking) book. I have pre-ordered it from Amazon US this morning & very much look forward to it’s release. Cheers.

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