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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Releasing Burdens & Troubles

April 21st, 2020

Draft for 10 of Wands by Will Worthington in The DruidCraft Tarot

Having problems with our broadband, I phoned Steve Hounsome an hour before Tea with a Druid was scheduled last night. I asked him if he would be able to do the live broadcast. “Sure. I”ll see what the Tarot has to say to us,” was his reply, and sure enough, the Tarot provided the perfect topic: Ten of Wands. From picking that card Steve went on to guide us through a wonderful visualisation to help us release any sense we might have of being weighed down. Perfect for these times. Here’s the first draft of Will Worthington’s illustration of the Ten of Wands from The Druidcraft Tarot. Nothing like the final version we settled on!
If you’d like to have a look at the Tarot courses that Steve, Stephanie and I have created, go here!

2 Responses to “Releasing Burdens & Troubles”

  1. Thanks Steve, for the lovely walk through the woods. I could smell the wonderful scents of the Forest on our mountain. After the fire releasing ritual I danced back to the beginning of the path, while the song, “Your out of the Wood” (from the Wizard of Oz), was heard all around me, Lol. I saw myself as my Magickal Child; Joyful & Free of all burdens. Loved the mention of Hathor. Brightest of Blessings /|\

  2. Sorry, before leaving the page, I noticed that ‘Your’ should have been spelled ‘You’re’ in the song title. My “Magickal Child” must have written that, LOL. 🙂 She loved the journey!

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