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Reality is Subject to Change Without Notice

August 16th, 2008

The worlds of stage magic – conjuring – and of ‘spiritual magic’ may seem completely unconnected, but there is something that links them, and that something is starting to fascinate a number of ‘mentalists’ and magicians, such as the Druid Mark Townsend, who is also a Christian priest. Mark is an enormously gifted magician and author whose website is here.

And here in this short clip you can watch a magician’s school in which the connection between the deeper mysteries and stage magic is explored:

3 Responses to “Reality is Subject to Change Without Notice”

  1. What a great little video – I couldn’t get the last few seconds to work unfortunately but it was underlining what I am starting to really believe – that magic and life go hand in hand – humans need mystery thats why so many people are fascinated ghosts and magic – we need mysteries and intrigue – the spritual self has to be fed one way or another so for some watching or creating magic may be a way the spiritual self is fuelled – whether on a very basic level i.e enjoying it as entertainment or a higher degree of understanding linking it in with the greater mysteries. Hearing that part about reality changing without notice was really odd – we all know it but to hear it phrased like that was a bit scary and exciting – very peculiar!

    magic – alchemy – life – all entwined – no wonder everyone is baffled! Exciting stuff this being alive thing! 🙂

  2. Well how wonderful Philip,
    The clip you posted is of my two magic teachers – Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. They are extraordinary people for sure… and rare.
    Many ‘stage’ magicians prefer to use their art to de-bunk and disprove real magic. These two guys (and others in The Mystery School) use illusion to awaken folk to their inner magic, and to the deepest mysteries of life.
    Thank you for sharing the video – awesome.

  3. How interesting! I think that Magic (of both sorts) challenges our assumptions about reality. What I like about stage magic is that our most rigidly held perceptions are temporarily blown apart – the impossible suddenly appears possible; I think this enables us to stretch our perception, to understand that what we think we know and see is only a very limited view of what might actually be. This widening of perception is so important to both types of magic – the transfomative power of both depend on a change of perspective it seems, and having the flexiblity and willingness to change one’s perspective is no bad thing. I think magic (both kinds) can bring out the joyous and child-like wonder that can so often get lost amongst the troubles of the world.

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