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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Rambles Into Sacred Realms

April 13th, 2015

KRISHNAN_RAMBLES_COVER_FRONTKrish V. Krishnan has produced a wonderful book entitled Rambles into Sacred Realms: Journeys in Pen and Paint.

As the title suggests, the book is a travel journal of both words and images inspired by the author’s own encounters with Sacred Sites around the world, from Stonehenge to Angkor, Delphi to Petra and more. There are twelve beautifully written and illustrated chapters, each exploring a specific site. Krishnan describes these as,

…distillations of my artwork, travel writings, and moments of personal insight, all documenting my travels over a period of thirty years. I’ve lived in these cultures, imbibed their legends and languages, and engaged the services of expert local guides to help me better comprehend and appreciate native perspectives on what makes these places and their experiences so special.

Krish works in a number of mediums: acrylic, watercolour, pastels, pencil and ink, and all convey an intimacy with the spirit of place. You get a real sense of his emotional engagement with these extraordinary sites and because of this, the veil of distance – both topographical and cultural – is lifted on each; they appear deeply familiar, as if the reader is being shown images of magical places once visited many years ago, still vibrant in the memory.

The written encounters that accompany each chapter are also a delight, communicating well how such external pilgrimages can trigger encounters with our own inner worlds. Krish’s words and images are a testament of how these unique places can inspire thoughts and feelings that lead to special insights; the kind of emotional and spiritual shifts that unexpectedly bless us when we are touched by the Sacred in the world.

Krish’s book is available now from his website and Amazon

Krish V. Krishnan is an Author, Artist and Traveller.
Twitter: @kvkrishnan

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