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Radical Remission from Cancer

February 25th, 2015

A number of friends have got cancer and are bravely facing the challenges this poses. One of them recommended a book which he felt even those who aren’t ill should read. I bought it and I have to say I agree with him – I’m finding it fascinating, humbling and hopeful. It’s called Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelly Turner, and in it she looks at many of the cases of people who have survived against the odds, and simply asked “What did you do?” Have a look at the project she has started to research and record these cases: The Radical Remission Project. And here she is explaining her book:

2 Responses to “Radical Remission from Cancer”

  1. wow Thank you Philip,

    She is a courageous soul , she will bring hope and solutions , sharing all this information.

    I think she rocks. (specially as a doctor, knowing the pharmacy industry has always been fighting these non-conventional ways)

  2. Thanks Philip. A great introduction to the subject and an interesting website, which at last credits integrated therapies with the position as treatments that I feel they have long deserved to be fully recognised.
    I was visited today by a dear friend who has refused further chemo for her cancer and is embracing ‘integrated therapies’ instead, so I have sent her the link!

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