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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Psychic Pets and Pet Psychics

November 18th, 2019

In this 100th edition of Tea with a Druid I talk about the time I spent today with animal psychic Susie Shiner. Her website is here. And I talk about the Stag from The Druid Animal Oracle. We then have a meditation to sense a majestic stag in our sacred grove. Unfortunately the broadband went down and that section was missed out. Here I’ve fused both broadcasts together… you just need to bear in mind there was a few minutes gap in between!

At the end of the broadcast I mentioned Rupert Sheldrake’s experiment. In the video below you can learn about it and the rather hopeless attempt of a skeptic to debunk it. More info on this here.

4 Responses to “Psychic Pets and Pet Psychics”

  1. Lovely episode, even if I missed out on the stag!

    I’ve got two stories about psychic pets to share:

    When my former collegue got pregnant, they decided to move to a bigger flat, but one they wouldn’t be allowed to keep their cat in. The cat was an outdoor one, free to move about, and she often visited the neighbours but always came home to sleep. But the moment the couple decided on the move and on the cat staying behind with the neighbours, the cat stopped coming home at all.

    One time we went on vacation without our dog, leaving him behind with my mother. We hadn’t specified a return date, but actually came home a good day earlier than planned and decided to not pick up the dog until the next day, as there was so much to do (unpack, laundry etc). When we drove over the next day and told my mother that we’d actually been home since the day before, she stopped, a bit perplexed, and then said, do you know, the dog was restless all afternoon and evening and kept going to the door. Poor dog had been waiting for me to fetch him…

    Of course, it’s not always telepathy or extrasensory input that triggers a dog’s behaviour. My parents’ dachshound seemed to just know when my parents were ready to go to bed, getting up before they did and moving to her dog bed. It took some time for my parents to figure out she simply reacted to them switching off the TV 😉

    Blessings and all the best!

  2. Dear Philip,

    Please forgive this unrelated comment here, as the comments for your Iona Blog posting are closed.

    Navigate Google Earth to the island of Iona (turn off all place names etc. until just the raw satellite image is showing), then rotate the island upside-down until you have South at the top of your screen and North at the bottom, then zoom-out until all the island is in view.

    You will see the island shape and topography representing the Madonna (left) holding the Christ Child (right).

    Kind regards,

    Kerh, your pet Psychic (-:


    Sheela na Gig

    scíath (to protect) + na̅̆(n)na̅̆ ‎(mother) + gʰeiǵʰ ‎(to gape open wide [and give birth])

  3. Greetings Philip, Thank you for the Lovely “inspiration” of inviting the Stag into my Sacred Grove. When the video left us at the Sacred Tree, I saw, sensed & felt it’s strength, peace, magick, & stability, & smelled the scent of it’s essential oils. Then I went on my Own personal Journey with the Stag.

    I live at the base of a Sacred Mountain. I often see beautiful Deer families in the neighborhood, or when driving up the canyon. In my last home (closer to the mountain) they often visited me. We just had a Big snow storm. So through the Stag, I sent Heartfelt Love & Blessings to the whole Deer community up on the mountain.

    I asked that they be able to have an abundance of food & shelter, & that they be safe throughout the Winter. I now feel an even deeper connection with the Deer Community on our mountain, & all throughout Gaia. I Love them dearly (or deerly :-)), & I feel Their Love also.
    Peace & Blessings to All Beings, /|\ Brigitara

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