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Polytheistic Monasticism – Voices from Pagan Cloisters

May 27th, 2022

Janet Munin is the editor of this fabulous anthology of nine fascinating essays on the subject of Polytheistic Monasticism. When I first read the book, even though I have no desire to lead a monastic life, I found it an inspiring read! It spoke to me, and I feel sure it will to others too. If you are drawn to the solitary life, then there is much to ponder here. However, even if the monastic life is not for you, this is still well worth a read, full of wisdom that can be applied to every life journey!

Polytheistic Monasticism: Voices From Pagan Cloisters is an anthology of writings from the forefront of the first wave of experimental monastic spirituality in the modern polytheist-animist revival.

In this groundbreaking anthology, contemplative practitioners tell their stories of exploring classic monastic disciplines such as eremitic life, asceticism, retreat, service, and simplicity.

“The essays which comprise Polytheistic Monasticism are heart-felt, lyrical, and insightful. While the contributors to this anthology have each found their own way to monasticism, and are developing their own practices, their commitment to their calling is soul deep. As monastics, they strive for divine union; through prayer and work, they seek to become a meeting place between the spirit world and human world, to cultivate both inner and outer sacred space. Their creativity, devotion, discipline, and dedication are an inspiration to polytheists everywhere. ” ~ Rebecca Buchanan, editor of Eternal Haunted Summer

Janet Munin is a devotional polytheist who has been practicing various forms of Paganism since 1988. She is ordained in two polytheist traditions and holds a Masters degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington. She is the editor of Queen of the Great Below: An Anthology in Honor of Ereshkigal, published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. She lives in Seattle, WA.

You can buy a copy here.