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Plants For Transformation

November 24th, 2017

Plant Consciousness ’17 Videos Are Free For 4 More Days!!
High quality teachings from Master Herbalists, Ethnobotonists, Traditional Healers & Plant Researchers

This year Plant Consciousness London was the biggest edition of the event to date, testimony to the ever increasing acceptance and understanding of the higher intelligence of nature. We focused on Plants For Transformation and as usual an amazing line-up of speakers presented profound teachings on a vast array of plants, trees and fungi and we are offering you access to these teachings FREE for 5 days!

Over 7 hours of profound teachings from the plants at Plant Consciousness 2017
A global team of healers and plant experts
Videos include plant meditations, drum journeys, wisdom from the Amazon, music and much more…

To take advantage of this wonderful offer, visit Wisdom Hub TV. 

2 Responses to “Plants For Transformation”

  1. Dear Philip, many thanks for sharing this info. I expect you are familiar with the work of Rupert Sheldrake, botanist and author, his theory of morphic resonance? He has a new book ‘Science and Spiritual Practices’ great stuff! considers plants, ritual, pilgrimage, chants, nature, gratitude, meditation. Many blessings, Maureen

    • Ah yes I know his work, but didn’t know about this book – I must have a look at it. Thank you Maureen! Many blessings, Philip

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