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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Plant Consciouness Almost Here

October 1st, 2014


This weekend I will be contributing to the Plant Consciousness Conference in London.  My presentation will be
The Curriculum of Thirteen Moons – Working with the Sacred Plants of the Druid Tradition
Working with plants in a sacred or magical way lies at the heart of indigenous spiritualities and earth religions. Many of us are drawn to these ‘Old Ways’ because they combine a sense of deep spirituality with a love for the Earth and Her creatures.  Any sense we might have of being split between Spirit and Matter, Inner and Outer, the committed and the detached, even the mystical and the magical, can be healed when we work with solid, sensual beings – such as plants, animals and humans – in a sacred way.  A rich heritage of plant lore exists in Britain and we can trace this heritage at least as far back as the Bronze Age. In exploring these gifts we can discern at least thirteen ways in which to work with plants in a sacred manner as we follow the ‘Old Ways’.

To check out more about the conference and to book a ticket click here. It promises to be a great weekend!

There is an interview with me and the conference organiser, Davyd Farell, here, where you will also find some great interviews with  other contributors.

4 Responses to “Plant Consciouness Almost Here”

  1. I am very interested in the subject of your talk but live in New Mexico, USA, too far away to attend. Will there be a publication of your talk? How would I obtain it? I am thrilled that you have the knowledge of this important (very) aspect of Druid gifts to our life. Thank you for the enormous dedication it took to get to this talk.

  2. I’m “stuck” here in Arizona but am very interested in this topic…any recommendations for exploration via books, cards, CDs, etc.?

  3. I cannot come to conference but I am interestied in having a book treating this subject.
    please give me reference
    thank you very much
    iris jiang

  4. How wonderful. Here of course we are so aware of Maori traditions and knowledge about plant medicine. I use kawakawa regularly for many purposes.

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