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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


6 Responses to “Orkney: This Old Golden Land”

  1. This wonderful ‘Tea Talk’ inspired me to share something I wrote @ the end of the Ovate training. /|\

    “Standing at the Edge of Nature.”

    Standing at the Edge of Nature,
    I hear the joyful Spirits of the Grove
    Inviting me in, calling to my Soul.
    I feel the Power of The Ancient Ones,
    Reminding me of my Past, and the Power Within.

    Standing at the Edge of Nature, I see the Light of Life expressed;
    Emanating from the Trees, Plants, Animals & Rocks.
    I smell the delightful fragrance of the Flowers,
    Intoxicating me with their scents, and luring me into their presence.

    Standing at the Edge of Nature,
    I am drawn into the World of The Goddess.
    The Land of Faery entices me to enter.
    Entranced, I follow the music into Her Realm.
    The sounds dance around and through me, soothing my Spirit.

    Standing Inside the Realm of Nature,
    I flow harmoniously with Her Blessed Queendom.
    Her Love and Mercy permeates all aspects of my Being.
    I am Healed and Nourished by Her Essence,
    And I am Eternally Blessed.

  2. PS: Just noticed a typo with the 2nd verse. Just pretend that the line, “I see the ‘Light of Life’ expressed,” is just below the 1st line in that verse, lol. Brightest of Blessings to All. 🙂 /|\

  3. Listening I felt myself slide into liminal time and re-visit the Canterbury Plains of South Island New Zealand and also New England Ranges of NSW where ‘light’ from granite and sandstone create veils of mists from other dimensions which when one is ready…can be visited. Such has been my experience of both parts of our Earth. Thank you. I was also remembering a british Prince, I think it is William took his new bride to stay on Orkney Land and at the time wondered if it is possible that he carries an Ancestral linage from times when kings ruled from Spirit…or something removed from modernity. Today in Australia the Land is quiet and the weather a perfect reflection of Spring, the season between seasons yet a season unto itself. walk gently Christine

  4. Listening to this, I remembered visiting Orkney Mainland in my early twenties half a lifetime ago, standing in the Ring or Brodgar, admiring the standing stones. How beautiful. I hope I can return soon! Good to know that there a fellow OBOdies up there! Thanks for this talk!

  5. Thank you, Philip, for sharing your thoughts and that lovely meditation. I’ve never been to Orkney and yet felt I was really there. Very evocative. Many blessings to you and yours.

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