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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

One Tree – Many Branches

March 28th, 2013


The first One Tree Gathering in this country was organized by OBOD in October 2010 and took place at the Balaji Hindu Temple in Birmingham where our contribution included a Samhuinn ceremony. The event was designed to bring people together from various spiritualities to celebrate their differences and find common ground within the Dharmic tradition which we share. This year the Cornovii Grove will host the second One Tree Gathering onthe 19th May – Unity in Diversity – One Tree – Many Branches. At the request of our Hindu friends it will be held within the beautiful space of Whitlenge Gardens near Kidderminster. The theme will be ‘Nature as Teacher’.

The day will consist of:-
• Ceremony – both Druid and Hindu
• Talks on how we each practise our spirituality in daily life, followed by discussion
• Meditation
• Journeying
• Vegetarian food ( included)
• Evening Eisteddfod – please bring your instruments and inspiration

Places will be limited so apply now for tickets to this wonderful opportunity to share our path with fellow travelers.
More information and tickets (£18) from: Briar, 162 Broughton Rd, Banbury Oxon OX16 9QQ. Tel.No: 01295 264914 or

The Fabulous Whitlenge Gardens

The Fabulous Whitlenge Gardens

5 Responses to “One Tree – Many Branches”

  1. Would it be possible to film this gathering & upload it to Youtube? This is a very important event & it’d be great to have it available, not only for Druids, but anyone who’s interested. Blessings!

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