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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

On the Acceptance of Death – Alan Watts

August 24th, 2015

With the beautiful music of Max Richter from his Blue Notebooks album:

4 Responses to “On the Acceptance of Death – Alan Watts”

  1. Yes, at one ‘level’ I suppose the words are ‘moving’…but I dunno. They seem too much ‘matter of fact(s)'(which of course they are), but somehow seem to lack that emotional element (call it ‘spiritual’ if you like) which is so important to those ‘left behind’. Recently here in the UK we’ve had two very tragic accidents, involving people who were just ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ – on a road during a vintage aircraft display, and Christmas shopping when the driver of a garbage lorry became unconscious. Absolute carnage on both occasions. I’m just wondering how those words of Watts could possibly offer any console to those close to the deceased – or even the thousands who have subsequently seen TV footage of both events “Oh, just a reduction of the population – the planet is getting a bit too full anyway”. As humans we need to grieve – to shed tears as have been done down the ages by all cultures (hence the excavated remains of the ‘tear ampuoles’ found in ancient tombs). Bland, ‘logical’ words have no place for mourners.

    • Yes I know what you mean William. It can come across as detached and rather cold and haughty. I actually found a better clip just after posting this one, that is more inspiring. I like though the combination of beautiful imagery, haunting music and the ideas weaving through them. Of course Watts is coming from a Buddhist perspective which does seem to have, for me (and perhaps mistakenly) an overly detached feel. The Shoreham air disaster happened the day after posting and it does rather highlight the problem with this detached ‘logical’ approach I agree

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