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Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic

January 27th, 2020

Val Thomas has written a wonderful book Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic. Val’s book is a labour of love and beautifully produced! Whatever your magical path, there is much to inspire here. It is a book that can remind each of us to connect to our own Sacred local landscapes, through the natural world, story, myth and tradition, and the interweaving of these into a deeper enchantment.

Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic is a celebration of the county of Norfolk and its Nameless Tradition of magic and witchcraft. The spiritual energy which informs and powers this magic wells up from the land itself and from the Chalk and Flint which have shaped the landscape, its flora, its fauna, its culture and its history. This book therefore weaves a rich tapestry of herbs and creatures, of gods, dragons, Fair Ones and merfolk, of spells, rituals and seasonal devotions. It retells some of the old stories which shape the work of the Tradition and honours the ancestors who inspire it. Yet it is a book for the present moment, and shows how working closely with the land can be an integral and vibrant part of modern life. While the book is focused on Norfolk, the principles of the magic explored here are applicable anywhere in in the world. Thus, this book provides a valuable resource, both for those with an interest in Norfolk, and also for anyone seeking insights into natural magic, witchcraft and working with the power of the land.

In the following video by Jane Cox of Troy Books, Val Thomas talks about the book in various locations in Norfolk, including the Norfolk Broads. Check out the photo-bombing swans! To learn more and purchase a copy visit here.

One Response to “Of Chalk and Flint: A Way of Norfolk Magic”

  1. Simply wonderful 🌺

    I could listen to this beautiful Lady for a very long time indeed!

    Whether it is that she has raised her own vibration through decades of work … or, perhaps it is that The Goddess Herself has reached out and placed Her Hand upon this incredible Lady’s shoulders … or even if it is that She has is greatly Loved by The Faeries … personally, I think it is all three.

    Whatever the Cause, Her gentle and compassionate Light is very soothing … as She speaks, there is a feeling of Sanctuary … of coming Home.

    Thank you, Philip, for sharing this with us … I will certainly be adding this Book to our Library.

    Many Blessings to all.
    /|\ 🧜‍♀️🌺🧚‍♀️ )O(

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