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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "



August 21st, 2017
I have a feeling that my boat
has struck, down there in the depths,
against a great thing.
And nothing
happens! Nothing…Silence…Waves…

~ Nothing happens? Or has everything happened,
and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?

~ Juan Ramon Jimenez

One Response to “Oceans”

  1. I live with on a wee island off the Queensland coast in Australia I know not a lot about Druidism but I have by my nature an infinity with trees and the bush. I love your writing but I had to tell you this. Whilst reading the Australian ( newspaper) this afternoon and came across writing about Cooks legacy ( there is a debate about Australia Day and its appropriateness giving respect to indigenous Australians) the article tells of 60,000 people in 1879 attending the unveiling of Cooks statue amongst the procession a naval band,police,representatives from the Operative stonemasons volunteer firefighters united Sydney Plasters and low and behold the United Order of Druids. A piece of history
    Fare well and prosper fellow pilgrim
    Deidre Nelson

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