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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


OBOD Summer Gathering in Glastonbury

June 10th, 2015
Avebury - with OBOD at the Summer Gathering June 2015. Photo: Valentina Bernardi

Avebury June 2015. Photo: Valentina Bernardi

Just back from another wonderful OBOD Summer Gathering at Glastonbury. Many participants travel a long way to get to these events, which become pilgrimages as well as celebrations. About 100 out of 200 participants at the Gathering take a coach at 4.15 on the Sunday morning to join in a ritual at the Avebury stone circle. Here are photos from Avebury this year taken by Valentina Bernardi. And here is a quote about the desire to go on journeys:

The moon and sun are eternal travelers. Even the years wander on. A lifetime adrift in a boat, or in old age leading a tired horse into the years, every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. From the earliest times there have always been some who have perished along the road. Still I have always been drawn by windblown clouds into dreams of a lifetime of wandering.

‘Narrow Road to the Interior’ by Matsuo Basho (1644-94)

OBOD ceremony at Avebury June 2015. Photo: Valentina Bernadi

OBOD ceremony at Avebury June 2015. Photo: Valentina Bernardi

7 Responses to “OBOD Summer Gathering in Glastonbury”

  1. Reflections on Avebury.

    At 0315 the alarm, I must be mad.
    At 0415 with new found friends, it’s not so bad.

    At 0515 we see the sun!

    At 0615 a quiet circle – a deep sense of feeling.
    At 0715 I touch the stone and receive the healing.

    • Haha! Bravo! You’re a brave man Richard! (and all 100 other mad Druids!:)

      • Pleased to say I felt completely sane and centreed returning to the much loved Avebury, grateful for the sunshine, tho the tiredness hit us on the way home on coach. Seeing Richard today for our Groves ceremony he actually had a shower at 3.15am before embarking on coach, yowsa! me no could do, dragging myself out of bed at 3.45am was the limit! The photographs are so so beautiful!

  2. Looks like the weather was on your side. Loverly photos. I will get to a gathering,one day I hope. I feel a bit like an outpost here in Northamptonshire lol.

    • …an outpost in Northamptonshire… 😉 what should I say, about me here, in the mists of northern Switzerland… An Ovate, blessed be

  3. Avebury stone circles hold the harnessed power of stillness, of fertility and creativity, of Being, within which we feel safe to bring our sadness, our hope and healing, our great love of the land, hail to Goddess Anu! . . . a song to be sung . . . Solstice brothers and sisters, Solstice brothers and sisters together, Bride of the Earth, the Sun . . . and Green Man, weaving their magic on the land, Love is in the Earth . . .

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