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OBOD Healers’ Circle ~ First Public Online Ritual

November 3rd, 2022

Image by Christoph Schmalz

OBOD HEALERS’ CIRCLE are all members of the OBOD from all grades, who dedicate time and energy on healing work. The group shares a belief that some healing work cannot be done alone, and so they are now meeting on a monthly basis to work together in the Otherworld and support each other in their healing work, both in the world and in their own lives.

The circle´s vision was founded during OBOD member Sian Lang’s time in the Ovate Grade and she – with the help of some wonderful friends of the OBOD in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Belgium and the US – brought this vision to life in June this year.

The OBOD Healers´ Circle is now about to hold their first public online ritual for healing. The focus of this first ritual is ‘connection’. Since so many of us experienced separation and isolation due to the Pandemic, the group felt the need to provide a healing ritual in the Inner Healers´ Grove, a safe and sacred space where everyone can connect with each other, the ancestors and their healing powers. From this Inner Grove, the hope is that the participants will carry light and connection back into their own circles, communities and families.

Twice a year, the group are planning to provide a public ritual based on an intention born out of their regular meetings and exchanges, and their communion with the Spirit of the Time, and the Spirit of the Journey.

This first ritual will takes place on 23 November 2022 at 7 pm UK/Ireland time, 8 pm CET, and 2pm Massachusetts time. The ritual will use the same platforms as all OBOD online ceremonies, taking place on the OBOD Facebook page and the OBOD YouTube Channel. You are invited to join and it would be wonderful if you brought a candle to light! Hope to see you there!

12 Responses to “OBOD Healers’ Circle ~ First Public Online Ritual”

  1. How do you join the group? Is it possible to to so? As an OBOD member and a healer this is the first I have heard of this but would be interested in joining, not just for the online ritual.

  2. Really great idea Will join you as am a Reiki master also Shambala Master so will share healing /|\ 🌀

  3. As new Bards my husband and I are very excited to attend! Thank you so much, all of you who put this together.

  4. I am just beginning the Bard year, but I have been a trauma therapist for years. Would it make sense for me to attend this early in my learning?

  5. I think the world need this. If you want I am proud to participe in this group and work… Thank you

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