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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Nous Sommes Tous Charlie

January 13th, 2015

Here are a couple of moving responses to the terrible events in Paris. The first is a short film of the residents and holiday makers in Valmeinier showing solidarity with the victims of the attack, and the second is a short film made by the Active Change Foundation showing British Muslims speaking out against ISIS and their actions.

8 Responses to “Nous Sommes Tous Charlie”

  1. But then again, who of us had heard of Charlir Hebdo, and if we had, had we looked at them other than a group of extremist anarchists, where must of us felt a bit ambivalent about. Of course they must allowed to speak out, and if someone feels insulted, there are the judges. But well, the whole demonstration of European governments for freedom of speech, felt a bit orchestrated – like they had the plans ready, should something like this happen. This were no demonstration by the people, but by and of the elites.

  2. I’ve known Charlie since the day it was born, and before that, I was reading Hara Kiri Hebdo. That’s why I’ve never looked at them as a group of extremist anarchists – what they have never been – but as nice and funny anarchists/left wing. They loved life and laughter and freedom and tolerance(like, you believe whatever you want but you don’t oblige other people to follow your ways). Because of these ideas, they have been threatened to death for the last ten years, and , yet, they decided to make no compromise, as far as freedom of speech was concerned. They have been loyal and brave. To use the word “extremist” in a proper way, the team of Charlie has been shot by “extremist” murderers, just as a lot of intellectuals, journalists, people defending the human rights or standing in the Opposition, muslims or not muslims, have been killed,these last years. Just a detail:there were about 4 millions people sunday in the french streets, and a whole heap of people were marching saturday afternoon in the same JeSuisCharlie demonstrations. So, the last sentence “This were no demonstration by the people but by and of the elites” must be a joke.Second degree humour?

  3. Freedom os speech is a bit confused here. To mock and make fun of those who are the dispossesed in your society, is not really satire and not really funny. I think of this as more about the right to be safe from violence whether from individuals with deadly weapons, or the right of the poor and the marginalized of society to be safe from police violence a