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Black Elk

North Kent’s Answer to Stonehenge

August 15th, 2014

SWAT Archaeology Iwade project from Skyspider A.I on Vimeo.

From the Canterbury Times:

REMAINS of a prehistoric monument similar to Stonehenge are being excavated by Faversham experts.

SWAT Archaeology made the discovery while making a preparatory dig ahead of a planned housing development at Iwade Meadows, in Sittingbourne.

They have discovered evidence of two monuments dating back about 6,000 years to the Neolithic period and are being excavated and recorded before building the houses.

The largest monument is 30 metres in diameter and is formed of a pair of ring ditches.

According to SWAT Archaeology’s Dr Paul Wilkinson, the evidence suggests the outer ditch may have originated in the Neolithic period, but was later transformed into a funeral monument with the addition of an inner ring…Read more.