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New Theory on Stonehenge

March 10th, 2013

310px-Stonehenge_sun_through_trilith_April_2005-1From the BBC:

Thousands of people came from across Britain to help build Stonehenge, experts investigating the origins of the monument have said.

They said people travelled from as far afield as the Scottish Highlands.

Researchers from University College London said their findings overturned what was thought about the origins of the monument.

Until now it had been thought that Stonehenge was built as an astronomical calendar or observatory.

The latest findings, which came after a decade of research, suggested it was the act of building the monument rather than its purpose that was key.

The researchers believed as many as 4,000 people gathered at the site, at a time when Britain’s population was only tens of thousands.

‘Not all fun’

Analysis of animal teeth found at a nearby settlement suggested people travelled the length of the country to help with the building.

Professor Mike Parker Pearson, from University College London, said the scene would have resembled a cross between the Glastonbury Festival and a motorway building scheme.

He said a settlement at nearby Durrington Walls had about 1,000 homes, the “largest Neolithic settlement in the whole of northern Europe”.

Prof Parker Pearson said: “What we have discovered is it’s in building the thing that’s important. It’s not that they’re coming to worship, they’re coming to construct it.”

He added: “It’s something that’s Glastonbury Festival and a motorway building scheme at the same time. It’s not all fun, there’s work too.”

The academics suggested that Stonehenge was built about 200 years earlier than previously thought, some 4,500 years ago.

See BBC article

4 Responses to “New Theory on Stonehenge”

  1. I have wandered to stonehenge on many an amble. The resonance there is, unfortunatly no better than many other places that I have come across. I am really not too sure what to make of this, however I have studied plates from the mid 18 century and kinda think that if it was more together, it would reveal a lot more to a seeker. As a place of power, however, I think, look no further than your local park or back yard, same energies less weirdo’s. lol. Cain Bathory..Western Shaman

  2. Hush Phillip, Let’s not tell the public what stonehenge is really for!! Not just yet.!!

  3. Hi Philip, interesting note to add, I am reading a fantastic book called “before the Pyramids” by Christopher Knight & Alan Butler whom work with the megalithic yard, to which Stonehenge is built and the Pentagon in the USA copied. It features a lot of the work of the late Professor Alexander Thom and information on Stonehenge and other henges, notable Thornborough henge in Yorkshire, pick up a copy from amazon, it blows the old grey matter apart and also highlights the conflict between academics and engineers. Maybe you have already read this, if so would like to k now your thoughts on it. bright blessings of snow from the North !

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