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Never Wear a Tie

March 16th, 2009

What fascinating creatures humans are! Paranoia is almost always unattractive, but every so often one finds examples of it that are just so off-the-wall they become fascinating as an example of how very odd we can be. How’s this from a site I bumped into on researching Freemasonry:

THE NECK-TIE: – The Necktie is in fact another great example of how the population have been hoodwinked into accepting something that symbolises one thing to the ignorant masses – and something far more sinister to those who originally created it. A hallmark of the Occult – hiding the esoteric in plain sight, because the profane can’t see it. So whenever you ask a person what a neck-tie symbolises, more often than not they wont have a clue, nor will they care for that matter. This symbol of ‘being a gentleman – dressing smart – collar and tie’ and all that is a direct in-joke against those who wear it. Those who work daily jobs in the ‘system’ (whatever industry) are actually low level initiates of this Satanically inspired Brotherhood network of the Illuminati – whether they know it or not. As an informed Christian, this is why I personally refuse to wear a necktie – at least as general wardrobe.

I am amazed at the symbolism (all about us) of the wearing of the necktie. Now, where does that come from?…. It comes from the culture of British/Israelism. The necktie is derived from the cable-tow in masonry and you can see that all of the corporate world and much of religion wears it, including those who are in the highest seats in the synagogue. But, it is similar in symbolism to the apron of the LDS endowment and one ultimately needs to understand that it must be cast off…

I’ll spare you the link!

16 Responses to “Never Wear a Tie”

  1. You’re going to post about the evils of the bra next right? Fair is fair after all… lol

    • Bras serve a function. Ties do not. Women who are minimally endowed really don’t need to wear a bra, unless they are concerned about concealment. Some women wear ties. Rarely do employers, i.e. airline companies and the military, require women to wear next attire. Even then, they are little ties, almost like bow ties.

      My employer requires men to wear a button-down shirt, slacks, and either a tie or jacket. So I have to be either strangled and annoyed by a tie or hot due to my jacket. I go with the latter. On the other hand, women at my company only have to wear a blouse and slacks. No neck attire or jacket required. So much for equality.

  2. In fact everybody knows that the tie is derived from the custom in medieval times when people who were owned by their master had to wear a rope around their neck, so that in case that they had done something wrong, their lord could hang them without hesitation or any postponing.

  3. Oh Cool a new topic to spend my academic research budget on – ‘why I wear – or don’t wear a neck tie’.

    Now which Government Department will fund that research…..

    From under an Autumn flowering tree harvesting the vegetable garden

  4. Ok Philip, only someone of Croatian ancestry would care about this, however, I must set the record straight. While the Celts had kilts and bagpipes, Croatians wore cravats into battle. Here is a reference with footnotes on the subject:-)

    An additional bit of meaning not in this article is that Croatians call themselves “crovak” and (so it is said) when the King of France asked who those sharp dressed mercenaries were, the answer was “crovak” transmuted over time into “cravat.”

    From the article, cravats were used to identify which military unit you might belong to as in “The Fighting Red Cravats” or some such.

    Over time, Croatian wannabees like Louis XIV wore cravats without any proper Croatian military training. According to the article, this process of cultural dilution was accelerated by the British who at least used them for regimental and old school ties as opposed to patent foppery.


  5. Of course you are aware of the fact that some French will claim that the neck tie was worn during The French Revolution in mockery of the aristocracy with its silly shawls (and decapitated bodies) ?

  6. After years spent honing the skill needed to twiddle effectively with the limp strip of cloth otherwise known as the (self-tie) bow tie, I can now produce something which looks vaguely attractive rather than totally cabbage-like. It was the devil of a job to learn so I totally agree with it’s claimed diabolic ancestry. That being said, if you really want to see poor neckware inspired by the devil just troll through the ‘Just Married’ snaps in your local newspaper. Frightening stuff!

  7. Cool–I’ve always wanted to be part of a Satanic brotherhood and all. But now that I’m in, could someone please share the secret handshake?

    *sigh* Left out again…

  8. ….the bra was invented to prove men can’t multi-task (I’ll leave that to your imagination)……

  9. historically, only 2 groups of people use to wear something around their neck, Slaves and the ones who were hanged. Interestingly I did some research and found the the first readymade tie was manufactured and became widely popular in USA and Germany in the year !964, the same year the slavery was abolished in USA and Germany and much of Europe. I seriously feel that the necktie is nothing but a symbolism of slavery.

    • Great points. (1864?) Neckties are a noose-ance, are unnecessary, and uncomfortable. I refuse to wear one. May they go the way of the bowtie and codpiece!

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