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Move your Goat

October 25th, 2014
This beautiful Capra Ibex doesn't want to move

This beautiful Capra Ibex doesn’t want to move anywhere

A friend, Barry Winbolt, who has been developing a creative combination of mindfulness, eco-psychology and solutions-focused psychotherapy under the banner of Inner Landscapes, has begun a daily blog of short, thoughtful pieces of advice for everyday living. I like his down-to-earth, easy-going way of expression and practical advice. Here’s yesterday’s post:

Make no mistake, words can hurt you. Despite the “sticks and stones” incantation that many of us hear from an early age, words can be lethal. People can and do say hurtful and destructive things. But to be effective any insult or put-down must find its mark. Even the most wounding remark is harmless until it finds its target.
As someone once said, “In order to get your goat they must first find your goat.” My advice? Move your goat.  Read the full post

3 Responses to “Move your Goat”

  1. wow Thank you so much for posting this, I totally understand, I totally agree , it is also the way I see it, and these are very wise words that give opportunity for everybody to work with . Thank you with love and gratitude.

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