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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Making a Meal Out of Your Life

August 11th, 2020

7 Responses to “Making a Meal Out of Your Life”

  1. Philip, thank you for that rich discussion. You captured the dichotomy that I feel living in these ‘upside-down times’. I hold this deep despair about the state of the earth on every level that makes me sometimes want to cry, to give up, or to rail against the gods or anyone else who will listen. Yet…I am also at one of the most beautiful times of my life and it brings me happiness and gives me purpose. Mary Oliver always has the right words for any occasion, doesn’t she? And the world continues on in its natural cycle and we are continually called by the wild geese to live the best life we can imagine. Druidry has been that wild goose call for me and is allowing me to see my place in this majestic spiral of life. It’s leading me into a life of intention and joy in the midst of the despair. It’s making me more aware of the special gift I bring to the world, even in, and may more importantly in this dark time. The allegory of our life being a meal is perfect. I do feel as though I’ve been cooking a meal and I am both the cook and the meal. Rachel commented that what we put into the meal makes it tasty or not. Spot on! Isn’t that the goal, really, to create our unique dish with all the goodness and love we can and share it at the pot-luck feast with all the other dishes being shared? As crazy as this time is, as sad as I sometimes am, I take comfort and joy into cooking my dish. Like your delightful mother, I think I’m making progress.

  2. Thank you Heidi! You articulate so much how I feel: this strange dichotomy of despair and at the same time peaceful and joyous inside too. And yes we just need to focus on cooking a nice dish and adding it into the pot-luck that is all our lives together on this whirling planet!

  3. I would be a beautiful glass flute filled with chocolate mousse.

    From the Mary Oliver poem, I was reminded of a Mevlana Rumi poem: “Come, come whoever your are: wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times. Come, yet again, come”.

    And another Rumi poem: “Every object, every being is a jar of delight. Be a connoisseur”.

  4. Greetings Philip, This talk leaves us with alot of “Food for Thought,” Lol. Something came to mind when you asked if what you were saying sounded crazy. It was a saying I had when I was a teen during the Viet Nam era, which was, “If we Don’t go a little ‘Crazy,’ we’ll go insane.” It made even more sense when I became a Therapist. 🙂 Geniuses have often been seen as crazy by mainstream societies, but are later revered. Native cultures seemed wild & crazy to those who came to conquer them, but we are finally realizing the truth/value of our ancestors & their respect/stewardship of the Earth.

    Speaking of ourselves as food, I was reminded of a Spiritual Seminar I attended years ago. I won an Oracle deck in a raffel, & when my (1st & last) name was read, they said it sounded like a “Yummy Dessert,” Lol. I have sometmes wondered what it might be. I’ve decided on a Vegan Pumpkin Spice pie, with ‘Vanilla CoConut Bliss’ melting on top (a Vegan ice cream). Some fresh figs on the side, would be nice too. Yes, seeing ourselves & our lives as a meal is an interesting idea. I imagined an all organic, healthy one, with balanced nutrition/colors/textures & tastey natural flavors.

    I’ve been recieving many benefits & blessings & am filled with Gratitude, and @ the same time am supporting close friends in distress, and working in a medical center for those recovering from surgery, illness, mental/emotional challenges etc. I have great empathy for those I am assisting & sense their pain & sadness. At the same time, I feel so Blessed for my own life & home. Because of the extreme heat, fires are destroying some of my favorite forests (south of here), and I have needed to work through the sadness of seeing it all go up in flames (while sending prayers & healing energy to those who have actually lost their homes, animals, etc). Life is beautiful/safe where I am, and I just returned from an amazing visit to the Coast north of here, but I will miss the Redwoods/places I have loved that are “all aflame” down south. May relief come soon, for all those in need…Blessings to All /|\

    • Yes a little crazyness is needed in this world I think! Yes a nice organic healthy meal is the best to be!:) It must be heart-breaking to be aware of the fires destroying some of your favourite forests. Yes ‘May relief come soon’ indeed. Many blessings, /|\

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