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‘Love is All that Matters’ Russell Brand

April 17th, 2015

4 Responses to “‘Love is All that Matters’ Russell Brand”

  1. Fantastic. Great editing job of putting all those quotes together. He articulates so well what so many are finding to be true. Enlightening

  2. There is only one small problem I have with this. Brand has probably within the system made the money that now gives him the opportunity to take a stance from the outside and call people to take their freedom. Yes, be free and loving and on each late-night show every day of the week. Well, I love the guy, but there are some practical issues, like money. But hey, who needs money when they have love? I for one do need money to buy food, bur still very lovingly…

  3. I love Russel’s energy and drive and what he says is all too true. I have been awake for many years to the falseness of commercialism. The real world is all around us and Russel through his fame is helping others to stop and think about what is really important in life.

  4. Ok – confession time – I actually haven’t heard Russell Brand speak before and I was really quite impressed with the fact that he’s obviously read widely, thought deeply and is clearly passionate about the subject. But I have to agree with Hennie – you need money to pay bills, buy food and generally live. For that, most of us have to toe the line and do jobs that we either don’t like, for people and corporations we don’t like and don’t agree with and with ethics and spiritual stances that, quite frankly, would make any thinking persons’ hair curl. He is in the very fortunate position of having made a fortune from the very industry he’s now decrying. But as he said, he’s woken up now.
    I hope he stays awake because I think he’s really got some good stuff to say. 🙂

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