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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Lewes is a Magical Town

November 24th, 2007

In my annual review for OBOD I talked about how this time last year the leader of Lewes District Council phoned me and invited us to watch the Winter solstice dawn with members of the local council, and then to have breakfast with them all. I was so surprised I asked her a little more and she told me she was a Wiccan and wanted to educate others in the council about the pre-Christian heritage of Lewes. I googled her name – Marina Baker – and found her in Wikipedia. She’s had a very interesting life! Lewes has the HQ of the world’s largest Druid Order, the council leader was (last year) an ex-Playboy model and a witch, and our Mayor is called Merlin Milner. And now something else…. we have probably the first and only ritual shop in Britain. This is not a shop selling crystals and books but a shop offering to create rituals for you – for birthdays, marriages, funerals, farewells, retirements and so on. We’ve heard they create very magical events – they’re called Light on Life and you can see their website here.

Lewes is also a Transition Town – working to reduce its carbon footprint.

PS Things are moving fast – last year we got that invitation. This year we had another invitation (along with thousands of other people) to participate in a synchronised outpouring of energy at this year’s solstice to help alter the earth’s collective atmosphere in the direction of peace. Rather like the idea of getting everyone in China to jump up and down at the same time to see if we can shift the earth’s axis, this suggests that if enough people have an orgasm at the same time we will affect the earth’s ‘energy’ for good. Although it sounds nutty, if you connect it with Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance concept it starts to make a little more sense. What is interesting is that the people organising it are relating it to Princeton University’s random number generator investigations that mysteriously seem to suggest that changes in global consciousness register on these machines. I had pasted in an interview with the couple who came up with the idea, but I couldn’t turn the sound off, so I’ve removed it. It was an interesting discussion and you can see it and other material on their website. Instead I’ll paste in a clip whose sound you can control. It’s the ‘sound-byte’ version but conveys the basic idea.

Update29.12.07: Results not statistically significant, but worth looking at, along with results of other world events.

2 Responses to “Lewes is a Magical Town”

  1. I remember you said last year that Lewes is a place where is a Graal, no? So, is it amazzing if so many interesting people are there?
    You’ll have all to make a big Table Ronde to meet together with Merlin and Wiccan and Obodies HQ and so on…. But the question is : do you all project to practice the global orgasm around this Table ronde or on some hill around Lewes? (I propose this hill where was this terrible batlle long time ago)
    As you have no more a blog about the global orgasm, I’ll answer here about (I had no time the days before to say what I meant and Myrdhin – because we took some time… to practice 🙂
    What is very interesting is that this couple is not young beautiful people, and for that it’s not trivial or so on, and it’s very strong what they propose!
    We remembered that few years ago our choosen chief Gourmalon asked us to thing about peace at each full moon, and everytime (we were often on tour in Europe and we wer young and beautiful…) full moon was celebrated by both of us … with orgasm (as many people I thnik?)
    – and one night in Germany – full moon night in town- we saw plenty of people giving hands around a big church for peace and we realize that plenty of different people celebrated the moon in the same time and this would be very strong as we’ll all do around the world in the same time- as for solstices celebration and so on…- And your blog kept all that to our mind, thanks… we’ll notice this 22d december of course (aie, here it’s saiud by druidic people you “must” not “practice” before a celebration, and our’s Alabn Arthuan is at the 23d…. (but we personly never care of that “must”!!!)

  2. Well Zil some people believe the grail is here – a little behind(and below) the old bus station – brought here to to England’s first Templar Church which was in Lewes.

    I don’t think any Round Table meeting will have quite that zing but you say there is no more blog entry about the global orgasm. If you look above to this post ‘Lewes is a magical Town’ you will see there is a little movie about it. The interview with the older couple was very interesting – I’m glad you liked it!

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