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Lessons in Magic ~ How to Use Magic Creatively to Transform Your Life

January 25th, 2023

I developed the course ‘Lessons in Magic’ because I wanted to clear away any arcane fog that can so often obscure and overcomplicate the Magical process. The course structure offers students a step-by-step journey, with clear and simple signposts that illustrate everyone’s ability to manifest change in their lives, whilst also offering advice and guidance regarding the pitfalls and obstacles that students may encounter, and exploring the possible causes and solutions.

With videos, text, meditations and practical exercises – plus the opportunity to engage with the wider Magical community that has grown up around our ‘Private Magician’s Club’ Facebook page – the course blends the paths of Magic, Spirituality and Psychology in a deeply practical and accessible way, without losing any of the child-like wonder that the practice of Magic can bless us with.

Over the years, it has been wonderful to observe students flourishing and gaining confidence in their practice, and heart-warming to witness students connecting to the profound and life-changing potential within them.

If you would like to learn more or to enrol on the course yourself, click the following link: Lessons in Magic | Philip Carr-Gomm – The Art of Living Well (

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One Response to “Lessons in Magic ~ How to Use Magic Creatively to Transform Your Life”

  1. This course sounds like a really good idea, if we are going to proceed into the realms of the Druid, and what a mysterious realm it is. Your course, with its combination of Magic, Spirituality and Psychology, would appear to offer a well-balanced and integrated interpretation of the Druid tradition and, it would seem, also offer creative methods for navigating through today’s times.

    I don’t think I’d go for it if was just a course in Magic, add Spirituality and I’d consider it, including Psychology tips the scale over to me realizing how beneficial a course such as yours can be to many students and visitors interested in learning about the Western Magical Tradition. I’m not at all settled with this tradition, and I didn’t even really know about such a thing, in those terms, until a few months ago. Ignorance is not the ideal place from which to draw conclusions about any topic. So, if we are drawn to the Druid path and proceed, we will encounter the Western Magical Tradition with it’s philosophy and practices. Starting off on this path strongly invites one to make use of wise and integrated guides or maps to the approaching landscape. The Triad of perspectives offered in the course, as a guide to experiencing the tradition, is there to be utilized by the Druid traveler-seer.

    Greetings from tomorrow,

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