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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Lenormand and Tarot Workshop with Mary K. Greer

May 2nd, 2017

Mary K. Greer

If you are in the Brighton area and have a fascination with Divination using cards, there is a fabulous weekend of workshops with the Tarot author and reader Mary K. Greer. On Sat 17 June 2017, Mary will be giving a day workshop on how to read Lenormand cards:

The Lenormand Cards are a 220 year old divination system that provides specific, concrete answers to mundane, life questions. They are emblematic rather than symbolic and are therefore read according to a vocabulary, syntax and grammar (without which you have just another pretty oracle deck).

Mary will be sharing the traditional method of reading Lenormand that is precise, accurate and fun. In addition to learning, or refreshing your knowledge of, the original meanings and layouts, you will do lots of practice readings focusing on yes/no methods, finding lost objects, the Square of 9 and the 36-card Grand Tableau. Learn to read a Grand Tableau in fifteen minutes! Make this fabulous deck your reliable go-to tool for addressing your everyday concerns and those of clients.

To learn more about this fascinating system, do read Mary’s blog post here.

On Sunday 18th June, Mary will also be giving a half-day workshop on the often tricky subject of Tarot Court Cards.

If you book before the 5th May, you will receive an early bird concession. These events are being promoted by the lovely Linda Marson at Global Spiritual Studies. For more details on times, prices and the venue for the workshops, please click here: Global Spitual Studies website.