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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Jay Ramsay’s Journey into Spirit

January 3rd, 2019

Jay Ramsay, poet, psychotherapist and dear friend, has just died – on December 30th. He’s shuffled off his body after a long period of illness and it must be such a relief to him now to be free of it. Dear Jay, loved by so many, born into the light at last. He was the kindest, gentlest, most stubborn free spirit I’ve known. The times we spent together were full of deep sharing, much laughter, joy and love. He will be missed by very many people. The photo above was taken in Feb 2017 in Lewes, and the ones below with his god-daughter, our daughter, Sophia in April 2017. The smell of wisteria was all around us…
Just recently Jay sent me Out of this World, a collection of his poems, which arrived ‘fully formed on the page’ as he put it. Here are two:


In this echo chamber of bone
Hear the wren sing as loud as the lake
Where stone blends into sky…

And know My Name is dust and undying
In every remembered summer
Where the light that is the heart’s
Stays forever in your mind –

And by these graves of poets, sing with Me
The song that is the birds’
And the song that is superior sense

Where stone and air become glass.

Killarney, Co.Kerry, 7.5.95

for Norman

Runes on the table –
Golden secret shadows…
Dustfall from the moon.

8 Responses to “Jay Ramsay’s Journey into Spirit”

  1. My sincere condolences to you, for your loss.

    I didn’t know Jay Ramsay personally. But his recently published work, The Dangerous Book, is on my birthday wish list. My birthday is still a couple of months away. I now find myself wishing that I’d bought that book for myself sooner…

  2. Hi Philip, yes, I was shocked to learn (via Facebook as is so often the way now) this even though I knew of Jay’s illness. Last I heard he had moved to Devon and I assumed all was well. His spirit was uniquely bright. If there is light beyond this world he will surely find it.

  3. Hello I live on the otherside of the world in New Zealand and so I don’t know you or this lovely man, but felt compelled to say what a beautiful soul he is. One can see from his photos the light shining from him and that will go on forever

  4. I have been honoured to have had Jay as a dear friend for many years. We have shared deeply, mostly about our spiritual experiences and paths. He is the most generous of spirits, always championing the creativity in our soul’s expression. He has certainly made his mark in the world. He now flys with the angels he so loving walked with while with us all.

  5. Sorry for your loss! He is one now with All that Is, will be freely around us in the whispering winds, the murmur of a a little stream, the singing of a Bird or the giggle of a child. Thank you for your Beingness, Jay 🌈💚

  6. May he journey swiftly and peacefully, comfort and hugs for his loved ones 🙌👣🕯⚘

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