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Jamie Reid – In Memory

August 10th, 2023

We heard the sad news yesterday that Jamie Reid, artist, revolutionary, druid and friend has just died.
His great uncle was the founder of the Ancient Druid Order. OBOD awarded Jamie an Honorary Bardship in 2016, and he and I and Stephen Ellcock have been working this year on a book illustrated by Jamie  entitled Time for Magic – The Shamanarchist’s Wheel of the Year – due out next year.

Some beautiful souls have been journeying to the Summerlands recently. The absolutely amazing woman way ahead of her time – Sinead O’Connor – and yesterday Robbie Robertson of The Band. I’ve put a video of his Ghost Dance up here as a tribute to Jamie and all souls who have recently begun the Great Adventure. And below you can see the presentation Jamie’s gallerist and friend John Marchant gave for us at the OBOD Summer Gathering in Glastonbury in 2016.

Dear Jamie,
May your journey to the Isles of the Blessed, to the fields of Bliss,
to the land of freedom and splendour, be swift and sure.
May the Light be your guide on the journey.
May the blessings of the Spirits of the Tribe and of the Ancestors
be with you.
May the blessings of the Spirits of North and South, East and West be with you.
May the blessings of the Lord and Lady of the Animals and the Woods,
the mountains and the streams, be with you.
May the blessings of the Spirit that is the Inspirer, be always with you.
By the beauty of the fields, the woods and the sea,
by the splendour that is set upon all that is,
we send you, dear Jamie, our love and blessings.

One Response to “Jamie Reid – In Memory”

  1. Thank you for sharing a beautiful story weaved with loss and sadness. I am reminded by William Blake sentiment of holding the woe and joy side by side.
    Blessings for your and all our various levels of journeying.

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