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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

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Ivan McBeth – In Memory

October 7th, 2016
Ivan McBeth in Lewes, East Sussex

Ivan McBeth in Lewes, East Sussex

While we were on holiday, we heard that a friend of all the family, Ivan McBeth, had died on the equinox. I’m preparing a longer post about dear old Ivan, head of the Green Mountain Druid Order, known to many in the Druid community, but in the meanwhile, I want to offer this…

A friend has just died. When I think of him I see vignettes – short films of times I remember – dimly lit, often silent, clips which fade into darkness after a few seconds. What do I see? Not his profound thoughts, not his kind gestures, but his laughter – the moments of madness: him sitting on a tin tray, his huge frame hurtling over the snow towards a fence at the bottom of the field; him tip-toeing behind a tipi with a BB gun in his hand, firing pellets at my son’s rear with shrieks of triumph; he and I sitting in a mud-pit smearing mud around each other’s eyes carefully, because we couldn’t do it on our own faces, laughing more than I have ever laughed in my life. Bless you, Ivan, on your journey.

7 Responses to “Ivan McBeth – In Memory”

  1. Dear Ivan made my staff, a year and a day from my detailed request he gently drew it from the branches of an oak tree. We were stood beneath the tree during my Ovate ritual at an OBOD camp. I had no idea that it was there. From the climax of ritual I can also see my then very young daughter Jo siting on his knee with Rowan painting his finger nails. A gentle giant of a man with a heart to match. Journey well dear Ivan.

  2. That is exactly what sprung to mind for me. The funny times, the laughter and joy in every encounter with Ivan. Oh Goddess he brought so much playfulness and joy to the world! All while being so very very wise! Its hard to cry when thinking of him without a smile springing to your lips because of all the happy silly moments. To the stars sweet old Druid, see you next incarnation. I wonder what you’ll choose next?

  3. In my relationship with Ivan, I witnessed Ivan living life fully and joyfully, like that of a child – kinda Peter Panish of sorts. However his infinite wisdom gave him away, for he was beyond his years… selflessly teaching and sharing his profound wisdom that he collected from around the world and back again with the community he loved so dearly. I am ever so grateful to have studied my Druidism with Ivan and Fearn. I thank my guides everyday for putting their GMDO training flier in front of me at the Feast of Lights in Northampton, Massachusetts in the winter of 2010 – for I never would have found the Green Mountain Druid Order and my Vermont family. To me that’s what magick is… following the fateful path! Lots of peace and love to the community, friends, family and especially Fearn. I love you!

    Planting Blessings,
    Debee Boulanger
    (Adora Belle Crystal)

  4. Only just heard. 🙁

    Thank you for all the laughter, the mud, the stone circles, the camps and yes, the snoring, Ivan. The brightest of blessings on you, wherever you’ve moved on to.

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