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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Italian Diary 4 – Haute Couture, Egypt & Death by Eating

October 10th, 2008

Ok the last of the Italian diaries – just a few photos and captions to finish the story:

Three days in Rome absorbing its art and architecture. Here in the garden of the Galleria Borghese:

Here at the Castel Sant’Angelo – where the Medici pope Clement VII holed up while Rome was sacked in 1527:

And here, above the Spanish Steps looking on to the Egyptian obelisk. Isn’t it interesting that London, Paris and Rome (and perhaps elsewhere?) a symbol of power from Ancient Egypt stands majestically in the city – put there as a trophy of conquest, perhaps, but in reality connecting us to one of the most (or even the most) potent magical source-point of the world? The Christian symbol mounted at its summit will hopefully be removed one day:

Stephanie then revealed to me a secret she had managed to hide from me throughout our marriage. She took me to the head office of her fashion house:

After three days in Rome we returned to Milan. I did a workshop, Stephanie looked for new designs for her fashion house. Then on the last night our hosts tried to kill us. After seven courses we were still alive and they gave up, telling us that every year there is a festival in August where Italians take huge picnics out into the sun to celebrate the joys of eating. Apparently every so often there is a casualty. Sometimes as many as three people die during this festival as a result of over-eating! It made us think of that wonderful film ‘La Grande Bouffe’. We just made it to the plane, easing ourselves carefully into the seats and vowing to sip only water on the flight…

Many many thanks to all friends in Italy new and old who made our visit so memorable, so educational and such fun!

2 Responses to “Italian Diary 4 – Haute Couture, Egypt & Death by Eating”

  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday snaps and stories. Really enjoyed them. The Temples of Humankind are a phenomenal achievement – a lesson in just what can be accomplished with inspiration, shared vision and commitment. Thinking of those folks starting off with just a hammer, a chisel and a mountain, I feel more optimistic about humanities chances of rising to our current challenges!

    Speaking of challenges: seven courses!!! I am forever in awe. Also very excited about Stephanie’s forthcoming autumn and winter collection – what exactly are this season’s colours?

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