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Black Elk

Interview for WomenUP Radio

June 28th, 2017

I was delighted to be interviewed by Anna Letitia Cook for WomenUp Radio recently. It is the first in a series about culture, fulfillment and wellness. Here is a breakdown of the discussion from Anna’s website:

Creativity, respect and open-mindedness – the importance of this for women with regards to creating a better professional and personal environment.

Other cultures and how their values can help us so much in today’s world – What other cultures and philosophies give us. Druidry and its ancient, yet incredibly progressive thinking regarding women, values, beliefs, and self.

Psychology and Psychotherapy – The importance of peace of mind, nature and your inner responses to situations with regards to building positivity and confidence

De-stressing, energising, meditation and peace of mind – Advice and tips, looking at values in different cultures which help women enhance creativity and respect, and bring nature and wellness into our world!

You can listen to the interview here.

4 Responses to “Interview for WomenUP Radio”

  1. Really enjoyed listening, and I loved the quote at the end. Words to live by indeed.

  2. I live outside the UK and the interview is blocked. Is there anyway to listen to it elsewehre?

    • Hi Lesley, I have checked with Anna and she confirms there are no block on listening from anywhere in the world and on any type of format. It is fully accessible internationally via her website, and also via Soundcloud. There is also the possibility of downloading it for those whose internet connection is not very fast. Anna suggests checking your internet connection speed and downloading it instead of trying to stream it? Best of luck! Hope you get to hear it!

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