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In Boudicca’s Footsteps…

August 25th, 2011

From the BBC website:

A suspected Iron Age road, made of timber and preserved in peat for 2,000 years, has been uncovered by archaeologists in East Anglia.

The site, excavated in June, may have been part of a route across the River Waveney and surrounding wetland at Geldeston in Norfolk, say experts.

Causeways were first found in the area in 2006, during flood defence work at the nearby Suffolk town of Beccles.

It is thought the road is pre-Roman, built by the local Iceni tribe.

Exact dating has yet to be carried out but tree-ring evidence suggests a date of 75BC.

That dates the timber road to more than 100 years before the Roman invasion, which saw the Iceni and their leader Boudicca lead a revolt which threatened to end Roman rule.  Read more…

2 Responses to “In Boudicca’s Footsteps…”

  1. Fascinating that this bolsters the evidence that the continental Celts and Britons made their own sturdy, wide wooden roads well before the Romans arrived. The Time Team uncovered what they thought was a Roman road near the Thames a while back, which turned out to be built on top of a British one. Wish I could find it on YouTube or something.

    Good stuff!

  2. There is the most amazing statue of Boudicca in Plymouth …. which certainly reflects the proud warrior queen she was ….

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