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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


I Love You Anyway

September 15th, 2011

Chris Street, Druid and author of London’s Ley Lines: Pathways of Enlightenment sent this heart-felt message from a friend of his to all in his Earthstars network. I’m passing on the love!  Chris writes: ‘This came through from my friend Madan (Michael) Lloyd. I think it is a fabulously beautiful piece of work. Madan is a Vedic and Druidic Bard who writes from the heart and deserves huge recognition for his talent, insight and for the inspiration he  gives others.’

Whatever you may have said or done,
I made a conscious decision today
to love you anyway.

I’ve decided to forgive you
for whatever things you may have
said or done that caused me pain,
and I’m now asking your forgiveness
for all the times I hurt you in any way.
I want to make it all ok, and whether you
choose to forgive me or not, I’ve decided
to always love you anyway.

I’ve been a fool
for as long as I can remember,
mostly for no good reason at all,
but I’ve decided now to be a fool for love
and just come right out and say
I love you anyway.

I’m not Jesus Christ. When I take a shower
there’s only one person whose dirt
I can wash away, and that’s mine, but today
I want to bathe in the divine ocean
of unconditional love by telling you
I love you anyway.

It finally dawned on me
that someone up there has always loved me
and accepted me, just as I am, forgiving
all my faults and foolishness and telling
me at every moment, in every possible way,
that ‘I’ll always love you anyway.’

It’s a debt I know I can’t repay
in any other way than by telling
every single part of the Supreme Whole,
whoever you may be – friend or foe –
that I love you anyway.

Actions speak far louder than words,
so I’m giving you this gift today
that you can take and give to anyone
you like and everyone you don’t like
as a creative contribution to building
a whole new world where Love is the Law;
truth, kindness and honesty prevail and
where no-one need ever be afraid to say,
‘I love you anyway.’


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