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Black Elk

I Have Found My Tantric Guru

April 28th, 2011

The season of Beltane is upon us – that wonderful time of celebration of fertility and the life-force. Anyone who has been a spiritual seeker for some time will have stumbled across the use of sacred sexuality to gain enlightenment, but the difficulty has always been to separate the wheat from the chaff – to find a truly wise and enlightened teacher who will not lead one into the snares of craving, but instead into realms of illumination and bliss. I am delighted to announce that I have at last found such a teacher, and I have only paused for a moment to write this post, before I set off for his advanced workshop in New Mexico.

3 Responses to “I Have Found My Tantric Guru”

  1. eeeer…ooooo hooo, is ttthhaaat ggood, eeeeahhhhh, sorreee I havvv! alreadeeeeeeooooo! reeeeeched ttttttheee higheeerr sstate in tanttttriccc ssssseexuuuuual bbbbbliss, soo I wooonta bbbbee bbbooooking in forr the advaaaancccced coooourse. AHHHHHHHHH!

  2. Soooo, I guess the old cigarette afterwards is out of the question then…might be a bit dangerous

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