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Black Elk

I am the Rightful Duke of Lancaster

November 7th, 2008

If you enjoy the positively delicious nature of eccentricity in history I can recommend James Webb’s two books ‘The Occult Underground’ and ‘The Occult Establishment’. They are filled with gems like this:

‘About the same time, the extravagant lunatic who called himself Marshal-General George Henry de Strabolgie Neville Plantagenet Harrison, and who traced his pedigree back to Odin, was banned from the British Museum Reading Room for persisting in his claim to be the rightful Duke of Lancaster’

I think I’ll go down to the local library and see if I can borrow a book under his name – insisting that I too am the rightful Duke.

3 Responses to “I am the Rightful Duke of Lancaster”

  1. Ah! Well then I shall prove to one and all in the gentlemanly field of arms (and legs and things) that I, Neddy Seagoon, am the true and rightful Duke of Lancaster.

    Although I had to fire my Second, since he too claimed to be Lancaster, and that simply wouldn’t do.

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