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Black Elk

Human Beings are Not Born

March 7th, 2014

A beautifully made short clip in which Stephen Jenkinson conveys his ideas. I love the way he challenges my ways of thinking: listen to how he suggests that ‘human beings are not born’ and that we must ‘kill off childhood.’ Powerful ideas that will resonate with anyone who recognizes the results of there being no initiation rites into adulthood. And listen to his closing remarks about true love being prepared to witness death – even perhaps of… (won’t spoil the punchline!)

9 Responses to “Human Beings are Not Born”

  1. Very interesting stuff. I think I fundamentally disagree with some of what he says, yet I sort of like much of his approach anyway.

    • Yes my feeling too – but what I like is he’s saying something different to other people – it’s coming in from a very specific angle on things and I like that! 🙂

  2. Think about science and unified theory. Scientist are looking for a unified theory that will make the world totally determinist but what about chance ? The universe is relativity of space and time and determism probabilist quantic linking stars to black hole.

    What does it means ? Do not look in Hong Kong to understand London because you can’t measure if the cat is dead or alive !!!

  3. Let’s talk about Mathematical Harmony and set theory. Identidication relation is if Philip is druid then identity is 1. OBOD is the intersection of Bards, Ovates and Druids in the Celtic world.

    Consult your Astrolog to organize meeting call interceltic of Sussex and put someone at the entrance with a key asking to visitors are you bard, ovate or druid ? If the person says yes, that person is welcome and long life to OBOD Sussex.

    You choosed few years ago to create and and I think it was a wise choice because people can learn from you.

    I hope it help and thank you for everything.

  4. Thank you Philip for sharing this interesting work from Steven Jenkinson. Steven has a great deal of insight into death and how it is viewed as negative in most societies.
    For some time I have been discussing with friends here in Calgary how we could introduce a series of rights of passage that honour our life phases – including death. It seems that Steven is doing some great work in this area – challenging our current thinking.

    I am aware that you are holding some workshops later in the year on this subject but unfortunately I cannot attend. I hope it will be available again or even as an online workshop?

    I feel that much still needs to be done in this area. Many have already paved the way for others to follow and grow this seed.

  5. Hi Aine
    Yes we’re going to try to record the celebrancy workshop so it will be available online etc! There’s such a lot of interesting work being done in this area. Blessings Philip

  6. I honestly can not profess to be an expert on any of this. I am studying with OBOD and many changes to my views and outlooks have already started to happen in both beautiful and painful ways. All I know is that I watched this and found myself in tears. It has obviously touched something deep inside of me.

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