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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

How To Develop More Respect for Each Other

June 18th, 2008

Here is a BBC film of the photographer Spencer Tunick at work in Ireland. Notice the beautiful shot of everyone holding white roses and of the man who says the experience made him more respectful of people. It brings home something I feel strongly – that being naked in appropriate settings in appropriate ways can be a spiritual experience – and can develop our humanity.

The clip I pasted in ran the sound automatically,which is really annoying. So instead here is a link to the clip, just click to watch!

7 Responses to “How To Develop More Respect for Each Other”

  1. HI Phillip, As a visitor living in Brighton for the past 6 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting you and learning about your many interests and commitments. I was looking here to find out about the Solstice and saw the mention of something at 430 am on the 21st of June. I wanted to confirm that means very early in the wee hours of Saturday? Because if I showed up a day early or late I would be sad to be alone in such a place when I seek community in celebration! Can you tell me which day for sure? Thanks for everything that you do!

    Sincerely, Carol

  2. I’ve known about Spence Tunick’s work for years and eagerly view each new manifestation of a theme that never seems to be exhausted, the beauty and artfulness of the human body. Thanks for that, Philip, hoping I can catch Spencer and may participate when next he swings by this way!

  3. Hi Paul – if you participate you get a signed print I believe. I’m waiting for him to choose Brighton or even Lewes High Street!

    Hi Carol – Yes it’s Saturday morning! Let’s pray for the sun!

  4. A great way to “level the playing field,” as some say. I wonder if there are ever any complaints about what Tunick is doing? I live in a relatively small city in America, and I can’t imagine this ever happening here!

  5. There is a great documentary Riverwolf of Tunick traveling across America, including the Mid-West, doing his work with individuals and groups in the most unlikely settings and it is surprising how little resistance he meets.

  6. Beautiful video, Philip, I wasn’t aware of Tunick’s work before reading this blog. Thank you for posting it!

  7. I really like Spencer Tunick. With so many of his photos I am struck how beautiful skin is – he makes flesh appear luminous (but then it is). The white roses shot is a lovely idea. I can’t quite remember which photo exactly, but there is one with a mass of bodies holding up one leg each, like many of the shots the shapes become quite abstract, and this one reminds me of a giant seed tray full of sprouting shoots. I quite like the link between growth, blossoming and the naked body -feels right. I share your own and Paul’s feeling that it would be wonderful to be involved in one of these amazing pieces of art. I find them very beautiful.

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