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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

How Druidry can help us get back in touch with Nature

May 19th, 2020

We know we need to get back in touch with Nature, but how can Druidry help? Books like ‘Losing Eden’ by Lucy Jones and ‘Wintering’ by Katherine May help, and Druidry can help too by uniting our needs for nature, with our needs for culture and spirituality. Learn more at For longer nature meditations see The Garden of Flowing in Perpetual Happiness.

2 Responses to “How Druidry can help us get back in touch with Nature”

  1. Greetings Philip. Thanks for this lovely weaving of poetry, nature & spiritual awareness/connectedness. Yes, I feel that Druidry is a most valuable path, especially at this time on the planet. Ancient Teachings still shine & emanate truth, mercy & wild wisdom for all those who awaken to the call of Gaia and beyond…Many Blessings & Much Appreciation. /|\

  2. Blessings Phillip. This was a beautiful TWAD. During your poetry reading I was whisked away to one of my favourite places one earth which is on the Isle of Wight. One the island there is a Donkey Sanctuary and at the back is a footpath which takes you to one of the most magical and beautiful places I’ve ever been to. As you follow a small dusty track you weave through huge hedgerows which line rolling hills, descend into a wooded glen where an ancient wooden bridge crosses over a crystal clear babbling brook and eventually you ascend through the copse into the open to see an amazing vista of green and yellow hills stretching for miles across the island. Birds chirp and sing all around you while myriads of tiny insects buzz about flitting from flower to flower. It really is stunning and that poem took me straight there. Thank You. /|\

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