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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

How can we develop and refine our perspective? Tea with a Druid 24

May 21st, 2018

Our perspective determines so much of how we feel, think and behave: ‘Attitude is Everything’ as someone once over-stated! How can we develop and refine our perspective? How can we stop seeing life only within the echo-chamber of those whose experience and opinions are identical to our own? In this session of ‘Tea with a Druid’ I talk about applying the analogy of binocular vision to the way we see life and how this idea can be harnessed in our spiritual development (In the video I use the term bi-focal. I actually meant binocular as opposed to monocular – it had been a long day). Buddhism and hydrology, a Jesuit nun, and the value of Dentist waiting rooms all get a mention!

8 Responses to “How can we develop and refine our perspective? Tea with a Druid 24”

  1. Hi Philip, I combine Druidry with hedgewitch, shamanic and Buddhism practices. I feel the 4 spiritualities cross and meet for me, where their learning enhances the each otherโ€™s, and helps inform my perspective and angle I am exploring ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely exercise.

  2. It was an interesting listen and it reminded me of stereographic photography where two similar photographs are combined to produce a 3 D image, or where two channels of music are mixed to give a richer sound. Applied to spiritual practice, the two “sources” would need to be similar otherwise there would be no commonality to give depth to the practice and our experience of it. Thank you Philip for giving up your time in this way. John /|\ (Bridlington, East Yorkshire)

  3. How about binocular with a ‘mad-eye moody’ spinning eye too- or a chameleon independent eyed swivel vision or even a trinocular perspective?
    Perhaps good to know and recognise the spirit-crusher amongst us all- on both sides of the pond- John Taylor Gatto writes some insightful books on education: ‘Weapons of mass instruction’ & ‘Dumbing us Down’ . There’s a quest in them there hills…….

  4. I am now a retired, non-practicing Catholic physicist who is exploring Wicca, Druidry, Buddhist, Shamanic Healing, and Taoist traditions while trying to tie it all together with a “Theory of Everything” using my understanding of probabilistic Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology, and using the experimental evidence of the psychology of the power of Human Intention to distill it all. It’s still rather early in my investigations but a few conclusions have come to the fore. One is that there is a Cosmic Consciousness, a Source, that creates, maintains and supports life. That life has been given the power to sustain itself and when it fails, extinction events occur(Gaia Hypothesis) to give life another chance to thrive. The rules of survival of a species are based on the four laws of Cooperation, Connection, Compassion, and Generosity of the species; those that fail, cause The Source to implement an extinction event of which we may be in one now with global warming and all the selfishness and greed which violate the four laws. The connection with THE Cosmic Consciousness and life’s consciousness is communicated through “Dark Energy” which permeates the Cosmos and is a quantum, subatomic consciousness that all life possesses. More research and study is needed but the integration process is going well.

  5. Hi Philip- about 20 years ago I used to meet for philosophical lunches with an elderly gentleman who was a part of our local GE free NZ activist group. He had an almost painful need to sort out the universe and together, over sandwiches and beer, we eventually nutted out a term and an image to which I still return. We decided that everyone has a “System of Considerations”- I like to think of a personal switchboard lit up with lots of coloured lights. Some remain there blinking on and off or on all the time throughout our lives, some disappear to be replaced by new colours which doesn’t mean the old colours were wrong, just no longer relevant to us.
    I like the idea of taking those things which ring true to me from many disciplines and beliefs and incorporating them into my System of Considerations. Unexpectedly I don’t cherry-pick only those ideas which fit within one predictable formula but sometimes enjoy two or more completely contradictory ideas on my “switchboard” at a time. But more and more I do find my coloured lights speak of universal ideas in many different languages as well. And yes- I agree with you- layering each new perspective or angle over old ones adds a 3,4 or 5-dimensional aspect to previous understandings which can only enrich our learning.

  6. I believe there is spirit in everything, though I am not an animist in the traditionally accepted definition, as part of my belief includes not just individual spirits but also what can only be describe as ‘collective’ spirits. The seven principal spirits or deities in my pantheon are: the Spirit of the Mineral Kingdom (Mother Earth), Spirit of the Vegetable Kingdom (Green Man), Spirit of the Animal Kingdom (Cernunnos), Spirit of the Rains (Water: oceans, rivers, wells, lakes, seas..), Spirit of the Winds (Air: breath of life), Spirit of the Sun, and Spirit of the Moon. All are vital to the processes of life, death and everything in between, yet some are quite vulnerable, the ‘collective’ spirits in particular, so it is important to me to revere Them. I have experienced both Christian and Wiccan influences, but over many years as a solitary my spiritual path has evolved in its own way and I feel very comfortable with it. I also have an affinity with aspects of Druidry which is why I often drop by here ๐Ÿ™‚

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