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House Concert ~ Peace Ceremony and Fundraising for Ukraine

March 1st, 2022

Here is a message from Damh the Bard about a wonderful initiative!

Hello, my friends! Here is the video of Saturday’s House Concert 26. During the concert, we had a little peace ceremony and we lit candles all around the world with a peace prayer for those affected by the invasion of Ukraine – please join in on the replay if you can.

I also said that 50% of the tip jar for this concert will be donated to humanitarian aid for Ukraine. However, the donations have been so generous that I’ve decided not to keep 50% but instead to keep just about what I would normally receive in tip jar donations and donate all of the rest.

Right now that is standing at £4000. So thank you all so much.

If you pop something in the tip jar from now until the concert next month, that money will also go to help those affected by the aggression.

Sadly the organisation I wanted to send the money to just doesn’t seem to accept payments from sterling accounts right now – I’ve tried every option and none have worked. So after much soul searching, and help from this article, I am going to send half to the Ukraine Red Cross, and the other half to the Fundraiser for the Sunflower of Peace here, people who are putting together medical backpacks for paramedics and doctors in Ukraine.

In the meantime please enjoy the peace concert.
The tip jar is:

Or you might like to donate directly to one of the other charities suggested here.