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Honouring the Life of Hamish Miller

January 27th, 2010

Hamish Miller

Just received the sad news about the death of Hamish Miller, Earth Mysteries researcher, dowser, blacksmith, author of ‘The Sun & the Serpent’ with Paul Broadhurst, which first suggested the Michael Line across the English countryside: “It is with deep sadness and regret that I email you to tell you that Hamish died last night, the 25th January. He passed over peacefully and happily at home after a gentle and joyful beloved Burn’s Night with Ba.

There will be a small private funeral for the family. We are invited to join in spirit by lighting a candle for Hamish and his vision and we will email again when we know the date and the time. Then the Parallel Community Open Day on the 8th May at Treviscoe will be a Celebration of Hamish to which we hope as many as possible will be able to come.

Hamish’s vision was great and his desire passionate for everyone to come together, envision and build a kinder world based on mutal trust, respect and love for each other and our beautiful planet.

May we each smile more warmly at everyone we meet today and, in honour of a remarkable man, build our energy towards all that Parallel Community stands for…and now take that energy forwards; the best thing we can do as we grieve his passing.

Hamish gave us something of the utmost importance and we owe it to ourselves and our planet to heal our own vision and act on it. Please bear with us about any emails awaiting a reply or book orders and so forth. Please do go to The Meeting Place on the Parallel Community website and share your thoughts and feelings together.
Warmest blessings to you all, Annie, Parallel Community Team.

11 Responses to “Honouring the Life of Hamish Miller”

  1. I spent an afternoon with Hamish & Ba, thanks to my friend Suzanne Keehn. We had tea and scones in their Cornwall garden and it was a magical time…one that I remember well 20 years later. What very special souls with marvelous vision and the action to carry out that vision. How he will be missed! So glad he is safe and resting…He truly was larger than life and yet so modest, talented, kind…and Ba was his perfect mate. How sad I am that earth has lost such a one. Thanks for the info and all you do. Namaste & Aloha Love, Linda Lee Evans

  2. I knew Hamish through his writings and also his dowsing of the lines across lower England.
    The dowsers of the world will surely miss him.

  3. I met Hamish and Ba just 6 months ago when they visited the Netherlands and gave a workshop on dowsing. What an energy, humor and wisdom !
    I certainly learned a lot that day but most important was the vitality of Hamish, his drive and passion that will remains with me… I am grateful I got to meet him and confident that he will look upon us and guides us and maybe even play tricks with our rods when dowsing…

  4. Hamish was an inspiration, a mentor and a dear friend. Although he will be missed by all who were lucky enough to know him, he leaves us richer for his open hearted sharing of his remarkable gifts.
    He had a special connection with New Zealand and it is from this land that we honor his passing.

  5. So the great man leaves us. I met him a couple of times and was always struck by his larger than life personality and his geniality. A smile was never far from his lips when he discussed matters of dowsing and druidry.
    I, for one, took a great deal of inspiration for my own life’s path and work from his endeavours. I wish those who are close to him every kindness at this time.

  6. Hamish and Ba are, I think, the most truly great couple I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and what a privilege to have met the both of them, both at their beautiful home and blacksmith’s forge at Trencrom Hill, and at our place in the Far North of New Zealand. All of Hamish’s books have inspired me, especially his very own “Its Not Too Late”, and I have the great honour of owning a specially forged pair of dowsing rods, from the Giant’s forge on Trencrom Hill! Alas, I was hoping to come for another visit this year, but now it shall have to be in the next world! His presence was felt last week at Spirits Bay, a very sacred and special place on the soul’s journey home!

  7. Thank you for this. I got to know Hamish in Fountain International many yonks ago. He was a dear nad fascinating soul, taught me dowsing and always reminded me of Weyland Smith *g*. Both Paul and I will miss him.

  8. I had the privilege of meeting Hamish and his wonderful wife Ba on a tour of Cornwall with Mara Freeman in 2008. He gave us an incredible tour of his incredible property and Ba provided us with a lovely Cornish tea. It was the most magical night of the tour!

  9. We were fortunate to have been in the company of Hamish and Ba in June 09 for several days and participate in a very special Druid Solstice ceremony on their land. I cherish my forged dowsing rod, the class I took from him in Vermont and the wonderful memories of his energy and friendship (for all) over the years thanks to the group called Sacred Britain based in Vermont and England.

  10. one of the best!wish i had been fortunate to meet him but alas,never did.reading his books made me feel as if i already knew him as few can put across knowledge as he did,awesome! R.I.P.blessings to Ba.

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